Book 2, Update 3

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted an update! Tempus fugit indeed!

I’ll admit I’m not as far along with Hunting Blood as I hoped to be at this point. The first seven chapters are finished. I’ve discussed chapters one through six in previous updates. Chapter seven is from the perspective of a character who did not have any point-of-view chapters in Chasing Portals. The character is not new, but it may give too much away to reveal who it is, so I’ll keep quiet.

I’ve started writing chapter eight which picks up the storyline of Dagan Garris. Dagan is a challenging character for me to write so it’s taken a while for me to build up a rhythm, but I now have a firm idea for the direction I want to go. Chapter nine will circle back to Daria and will have a (hopefully) unexpected twist that could potentially shake things up quite a bit.

Aside from working on Hunting Blood, I also wrote and submitted a short story for a contest sponsored by Hatton Cross Steampunk (HCS) Publishing. A requirement for the story was that it begin with the sentence, “It was a dark and stormy night.” My entry is titled Lightning Crashes and it’s something completely different from Chasing Portals. Depending on what happens with the contest, I’ll look into options for publishing it.

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