Book 2, Update 1

The first two chapters of book two are more or less finished. Chapter one is from the perspective of Daria and features Vladrik. I can’t say much more about the chapter without spoiling events from Chasing Portals, but when Daria and Vladrik are involved you can count on blood being shed.

On the topic of blood, my working title for book two is Hunting Blood. I’m not sure if that will stick or not, but I like it for now and I think it is appropriate.

Chapter two is from the perspective of Jhenna. She has learned of the news from the end of Chasing Portals. Ghost is also heavily involved in this chapter. The chapter became larger than originally anticipated so I’m moving a chunk of the material to what will likely be Chapter four. I haven’t decided if I will keep Jhenna’s perspective on this chapter or switch to Ghost’s. I’m leaning toward going with Ghost.

Chapter three was originally intended to be from Nightlocke’s perspective. This will now move to chapter six. Chapters three and five will be from the perspectives of Shadow and Shroud, respectively. I envision these being relatively short chapters. My first thought was these two chapters would be a single chapter with a perspective shift in the middle. I wasn’t fond of the intra-chapter narrative change since it would be counter to my established structure. I thought I could justify it since Shadow and Shroud are twins and share a rapport. Anyway, I decided splitting the material into two chapters with another in between would work better.

Next time I’ll get into why chapter two became longer than expected and reveal the secret origin of a character that was originally intended to be a throwaway but is now one of my favorites.

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